ATTENTION: Only for those Financial Planners who Can Profit From Acquiring New Clients for $100 each...
Who else wants a steady stream of Highly qualified leads for your business, Clients Who Increase Your Income & Residuals, week in and week out?
We are accepting just 3 Beta Testers willing to participate in a 
2- Week Test of a $5,000/mo Laser Targeted Lead Generation System Developed Specifically for Financial Advisors. 
To participate your total investment will be a token set up fee of $500 plus $150 in Facebook ads, with no further obligations. 
Because We Are Looking for Decisive Clients Who Recognize Value, 
This Offer Will Expire in 27 Minutes
  • Joshua C. Karlin CEO, 
  •  Aliya Marketing Group™
  •  Providing Digital Marketing Services Since 2004
Your Lead Generation Test Includes:
  •  An onboarding call in which we will discuss the value of your average ideal client, your value stairs (your menu of products or services which you provide to your clients: see example below), a consultation on an appropriate lead magnet to entice potential clients to share their information, and determination of what will constitute a successful test.
  •  Total Management of Your Facebook Ads Account including creation of customized target audience and targeted ads.
  •  The Building of a Customized Funnel which will act as a landing page for those who click through the ads. Your funnel will escort them through the process of sharing the information you need to ensure they are qualified as your ideal clients.  
  •  The setup and delivery of an automated follow up system to engage potential clients who do not become clients immediately.
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Test of $5,000/mo Lead Generation System -         $500
"My flower business was struggling, and needed some help. Joshua helped take my business online, and the results have been great. We have seen continuous growth over the last five years." Hallie K, Owner Hallie's Garden
100% No BS Guarantee: We Commit to Providing You With a 2 Week Test of Our Complete Lead Generation System. Although you may cancel the test at any time, we are unable to refund the setup fee of $350 as it does not even cover our investment in customizing the test to you.
An Example of Value Stairs in Your Business
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